Went to view the new house again this evening. Still absolutely love it, so that’s good. 😁🏡

Concerned as to whether my heart will still be in the same place on Monday after the #AppleEvent 😬💔💻

Let’s hope the mortgage will cover both. 🤞

Dad classes are over. Here’s how they went… 🤰👨‍🍼

This weekend was the last class of Dad Classes (aka Antenatal Classes) which is both very exciting and very nerve wracking at the same time! We had four lessons, three Saturdays of 4 hours and a 2 hour midweek session. The classes were really, really helpful and in hindsight I don’t quite know how we were contemplating not doing them.

Victoria learnt a few tips and tricks but had spent a lot of time understanding things in advance. For me, I learnt a ton of stuff at every single lesson. I found it very helpful to be in an environment with an experienced tutor but also around other dads and partners who were going through the same thing as us. Everything in pregnancy is very mum-first with the scans having been the only exposure for me of what to expect. The scans are good, but when they’re happening The dad is told to sit quietly in the corner with the nurse only really talking to mum. Midwife appointments are mum-only and at very awkward times.

The classes have allowed me as a future dad, to get to grips on what to expect, what to do and how to help from a professional and others in the same situation. They’re also helped prompt conversations between Victoria and I about topics that may not have come up while we’re focusing on our day to day lives. Such as how we feel about certain things and what’s important to us and what isn’t. It’s definitely brought us closer on our journey and I feel I have a much better understanding of what Victoria is going through beyond just the size of her bump!

The things that have been most helpful are - Everything about c-sections (if I didn’t know about how this works and it was needed, I’d be freaking out)

  • How I can help Victoria during labour
  • What to look for during different Labour stages
  • Things to look out for after baby is born
  • How to manage decisions during labour and what we are entitled to have a decision over
  • Everything to do with the placenta/cord 😳
  • Different places when we can have the baby (home vs ward vs ‘birth centre’)

Our tutor, Vicky has been really, really good. She’s been able to present the materials in an easy to consume way whilst keeping us all engaged and collaborating together. I particularly liked the part where the dads had to show the mums how to correctly bath baby!

The sessions have also allowed all of the couples to meet and (hopefully) stay in touch with each other. While we’re all different in our own ways, we’re all in exactly the same place right now. I am really looking forward to our reunion in January once all the babies are born!

If you’re reading this thinking about doing a NCT course, just book it. You won’t regret it.

Next step, baby.

Today has been an exciting day in moving home news. I’ll share more once things are firmed up, but everything is looking really good. ☺️🤞

Beginning to feel very real now but trying to not get too excited! 🚚🏡

It’s been five weeks since my last drink (Belgian GP) 🍺


I feel normal. I sleep a bit better. I enjoy always being able to drive. I spend less money. I focus a LOT better at work. I generally care more. I do more things. 🙂

I miss the pub, cask ale and red wine. ☹️

New Bond movie: 10/10 Absolutely loved every second of it!! #NoTimeToDie

Travelling to Leeds today to visit the Colliers office. Haven’t been to Leeds since December 2016, which was quite a while back. First time I’ve taken an LNER Azuma train which is exciting and continuing to absolutely exploit my Pret subscription. 😁☕️🚝

Oh! …and we’re watching Frank Skinner at Brighton Dome!! A very well received birthday present from @tigziefc 👍😁 Thank you! 😘

Enjoying a little trip to Brighton this weekend, loving the gorgeous sunshine and Victoria is making the most of all of the baby/kiddie shops! Just had a very special dinner at Burnt Orange on the advice of a @jayrayner1 review. Food was fantastic, we’re both now very full! 🍸😁

Just bought tickets to see No Time To Die, the new, COVID-delayed, Bond film. I’m very, very excited that it’s finally happening. We’re watching on release day at Odeon Chatham in the fancy-pants recliner seats. Used a discount voucher, two of us for £27. 🎬🍿😁 #NoTimeToDie

That’d be an Easterly Cardinal Mark ☺️ Queenborough Spit marking, just further down was the Harbour Trust’s Classic Boat Festival. Few steam tugs, a pilot cutter and a Thames barge. All fully dressed with lots of people out enjoying themselves! (Yes, I need a better Camera)

Great day out on the River Medway today. Haven’t been in a while with everything else going on, first time since my cert! Wind wasn’t with us, but we got the Asymmetrical up and had a motor round to Queensferry Bridge. Sun came out and had a nice relax in the surroundings. 😁☀️⛵️

Having a very lovely time on the Queen’s lawn, got ourselves a nice little spot. Picnic food went down a treat Weather is beautiful!

Off to London today for a Date Day with Victoria and The Bean. Very excited because we’re having a picnic at Buckingham Palace. ☺️🇬🇧 Spent all morning rustling up all sorts of fancy picnic food!!

We’re on week 32 and Victoria’s app is telling us that the baby is the size of a Honeydew melon.🍈 youtu.be/hYAKQ5Cre…

I love that the emojis in new Drake album cover move in Apple Music. Super cool. 😎

It’s a bit foggy today! There’s a river over there somewhere. Happy Monday ☺️

The pram has arrived!

Hello, Dover!

Right, so this was the procedure for getting out of Calais (long post)… #BelgianGP

First stop was French border control, where they checked and stamped our passports and we showed NHS vaccination certificates. Owen is only 1-jab, but that’s fine for France. The woman got bored of waiting for Kelly so we only showed three 😂 There was no French or Belgian PLF check. No scanning of Vaccine information, some just showed the credit-card sized paper form.

We (probably stupidly) didn’t actually do a French or Belgian PLF, but probably should have done so.

Then the UK border where it was again just a passport check (no stamp). I was put under additional scrutiny for my brand new passport (the moustache and hat probably wasn’t helping), all fine in the end.

Third stop was P&O where they required three things…. 1. a UK PLF which also requires a ‘Day 2’ test booking, 2. an entry PCR test (which we did at the track on Saturday) and 3. a ticket… The UK PLF and Day 2 test we didn’t have, so spent 40mins or so doing it before they let us through. Of course, that was more money on testing (we were just searching online 🙀) They guy in the booth was just reading the forms on our phones not actually scanning or logging the information.

Bit of a hassle, to be honest…. But after all that we got on the ferry and are now having a beer. Ferry (Pride of Kent) is very quiet, the main restaurant is closed as it was on the ferry out. I’d say less than 10/15 % of full capacity. Staff said the ferry only came back in service on Saturday.

2021 Belgian GP…

In short, I’m a bit angry and disappointed about it all. Here’s my take… #BelgianGP

The weather was consistent for the whole day and it was far too bad for racing. It wasn’t inconsistent heavy showers it was just a constant medium rain that didn’t let up. Visibility was bad and I assume so bad that the helicopter wouldn’t see anything. The track may have got better in places but it wouldn’t have dried. It seems really odd to me that the F3 and Porsche series all raced in the morning, it was not better for them.

The decision not to abandon the race or let the clock expire was wrong I think. Instead, 75k fans all sat in the wet and cold for hours on end in genuine hope that we’d actually see something, despite knowing that the weather wasn’t going to improve.

To instead take the drivers out (every one was really excited to get going) and to then only perform two absolutely pointless laps under safety car was the real kick in the teeth. Lewis’s words on Instagram were on point. It was a box tick and a real injustice.

I’m glad we saw a podium (especially with two brits!) but it was very different to what it should have been. I’m really pleased for George, he finally got up there but it can’t be how we wanted to achieve it. Watching him and Lewis look at each other on the podium was a moment in history. Getting a wave and a thumbs up from them both was pretty special.

Lots of talk about refunds, we paid €590 each for our weekend ticket plus €160 for camping and €160 each for testing. Of course we accepted the (reasonably unlikely) risk of it not happening and also balanced us not actually even being able to get there because of COVID…. And while it’s not the organisers fault the weather was terrible it’s fair to say I feel a bit out of pocket. At the end of the day, we didn’t see a race. 👎

It is what it is though, we’ve all had a fantastic boys weekend away, we’re broken, tired, hungover and muddy but we’ve got some moments we’ll never forget. It’s been great being able to travel again and meet new people.

We’re halfway to Calais now, keeping our fingers crossed for an earlier ferry! Can’t wait to get home, have a shower and Mrs A, the bump and the doggo. ❤️

It’s certainly not boat shoe weather today 😂 Rained all night and the field is now a proper mess! Luckily we’ve managed to get the van out with a bit of pushing. Lot easier than many folks, the tractor has been doing overtime 🙀 #BelgianGP

Looks like Checo is back in the game!!

Medical car just back in. Talking amongst the FIA. Not looking good. James from Mercedes talking too. #BelgianGP

That’s a red flag! 🚩 #BelgianGP it’s really, really wet tbf. 🌧😂

Perez’s car is back in the garage. Not the cause for the delayed start though. Weather just as bad as 20mins ago! 🌧😂 Now delayed again. #BelgianGP