After putting everything away, the teams have now put it all back again #BelgianGP Still no sign it Perez’s car. Weather is still lots of rain, doesn’t look like it’s going to ease up. Start at 15:20 local #BelgianGP

It’s now raining a lot! Drivers getting ready. #BelgianGP

Perez’s team now dismantling their equipment since he’s crashed on the outlap!! #BelgianGP

Tents are up! Feels like there’s more rain in the way too. #BelgianGP

Lots of confusion as the teams don’t know where they’re supposed to be 😂🌧 #BelgianGP

Would not want this job! Looks like the suspended camera had to have its batteries replaced. Getting ready for the race here, drivers are doing the track parade. #BelgianGP

Seems to be a lot of activity in the Mercedes Bottas garage. Very busy engineers with the engine covers off. #BelgianGP

Here’s our view into Bottas’ garage. We brought the binos today! Hopefully we’ll spot some drivers later. #BelgianGP

At the stand now. Watching the second #Formula3 race on a wet track. All good so far. F1 teams are getting ready. #BelgianGP

We’re all a bit tired and exhausted. Also hungover. But in the queue for the track. Big queue today but moving. Kelly and Lomas had to go back for the payment card that we topped up yesterday 🙀 #BelgianGP

This morning is the wettest yet. Good news is that there is a tractor because I don’t reckon there’s any chance that we’re getting the van out otherwise. #BelgianGP

It’s kind of a long story but basically we took a long-cut home. There were some injuries and a bit of wetness. Boots are now drying #BelgianGP

Now raining. What a fantastic Q2. So pleased for #NOR and #RUS. Get in there!!! #BelgianGP

We’re back in our spot for Qualifying. Just been watching the Safety Car do a few laps to check the situation. It’s wet but no longer raining. Quali starts at 15:12 local time. #BelgianGP

Might not see it on camera but there is a lot of standing water on the P2 and P4 grid spots. If it’s wet tomorrow that’ll be a huge disadvantage. #BelgianGP

Of course, the group shot too. Thank you to the random Frenchman who took this for us. #BelgianGP

Loving this picture. Brief interlude in the rain. Now it’s absolutely pouring down 😂🌧 I got a very wet bottom for this!! #BelgianGP

Underway in FP3. Lewis topping the board today, all cars seem to be out on Inters. No rain, just light mizzle. #BelgianGP #HAM

We’ll done to LORENZO COLOMBO on the #Formula3 race win. Especially with the tricky conditions. Here crossing the line!! #BelgianGP

Enjoying the wet #Formula3 race, track is still very damp. No incidents so far. We’re enjoying Jupiler today, which for some reason is red! Cool bag for beers was a very good idea. 🍻 #BelgianGP

So after three formation laps the #Formula3 race has been suspended. It’s very wet! #BelgianGP All cars now in the pit lane.

Getting ready for the start of the first #Formula3 race. Most are on full wet tyres, although the rain has stopped, at least on the pit straight. #BelgianGP

For anyone that needs to know, the track commentary is broadcast on FM 76MHz. #BelgianGP which doesn’t seem to be in English 🇧🇪

Getting into the track was a bit different today. COVID check gate didn’t check ID and then the 2nd gate didn’t check ID either. Bit naughty, but hey. Bag check at 2nd was a very quick look. May have been relaxed because of the rain 🌧. No queue at all essentially. #BelgianGP

Good morning Spa! It’s raining quite a lot here. But we’re still making the most of it. Queue looks a bit shorter because we got here earlier 👍 Just heading to the COVID gate #BelgianGP