@vincent Thank you!

@ericmwalk I know nothing about ice hockey, but this looks absolutely incredible! Very very cool!!

@help the categories do exist, so ‘Finland’ is a category and works if I type the URL but doesn’t show associated pictures in photos and Finland isn’t shown as a category on the Archive page.

Am I being greedy with the quantity? Is sticking with <10 categories a best practice?

@help Hmm. They’re still disappearing. After a post everything reappears as it should, although it takes a little while, then a few hours later they seem to drop off. Right now I’m missing categories and photos doesn’t load at all. I expect it’ll rebuild once I post this.

@kurite thank for the reply. I noticed a post of yours in the help center on a similar topic. The categories have come back now, immediately after I posted 😂 I'll keep an eye on things for the time being... 🤞Great to see you're also an ATP fan by the way!