Laurence Andrews

This doesn’t make any sense… Medway is currently 4th in the COVID charts, continuing to climb and yet in three day time the gyms will be open and I can go and get a haircut.

Screenshot 2020 11 28 at 11 42

Yes, Medway will be in Tier 3, but surely that’s just not enough? If things are as bad as they appear and getting worse then how is a relaxation of anything a sensible approach?

Screenshot 2020 11 28 at 11 38 45GMT

Victoria and I will certainly not be going out for the foreseeable. Just because you can doesn’t mean you should and all that…

We continue to question how the five-day Christmas ‘forget about the rules’ system makes any sense at all - should we pop off to Cornwall (in Tier 1) as we normally do and risk spreading to family members? I’d rather not have that on my concious, to be honest.