Laurence Andrews

Two big sports news stories this weekend. First, Alex Thompson, after working to complete several days of structural repairs to the damaged bow HUGO BOSS was forced to retire from the race after damaging one of his rudders. A very frustrating end to his 5th Vendee globe attempt where he was among the favourites to win.

Alex and his team worked to push the boundaries of technology this year both with the vessel and providing a new level of online engagement with fans, something that I hope makes an impact for the 2024 race and other sailing series too.

And in the Bahrain Grand Prix we witnessed one of the most dramatic accidents for many years where Romain Grosjean crashed into the barriers on the opening lap. The crash resulted in the car splitting in half with the survival cell piercing through the steel barrier and bursting into flames. Grosjean was attended by the medical car which chases the cars on an opening lap and marshals who quickly doused the flames permitting his escape.

An incredible incident where there is now absolutely no question that the once-controversial halo saves driver’s lives. I look forward to seeing the post-race investigation to understand what else could be done, while it’s clear technology and engineering resulted in the drivers survival, there was some element of luck too - had he not been able to extricate himself then I fear things would have been different.