Laurence Andrews

Chilly morning here in Upnor today, after a night of what sounded like constant rain. Had to break out the shell, mid-layer and hat! But that’s certainly not a complaint, you can’t beat a fresh morning. I was quite surprised however to read that there has actually been snow, the temperature here didn’t drop below 3℃

Woke with the worst back pain so far today and couldn’t get to sleep again so arranged a GP appointment using Babylon (via Bupa). Just spoke with a lovely doctor called Danielle, who said I should have spoken to somebody about things much sooner. Her conclusion is see a Rheumatologist to rule out Ankylosing Spondylitis which could be the cause. If it isn’t that then they would be able to help figure something else out. She also referred me to an Orthopedist to do some checks. I guess we’ll see how things go… Assuring to know it’s not just me complaining, at least. Have to say, second time using the Babylon service and it really is fantastic.

Other than that, Medway continues to top the COVID case charts with 531 cases per 100k residents, that’s 236 new cases yesterday. On Wednesday, Rehman Chisti raised the issue to the Health Secretary who in turn announced that there will be an emergency deployment of non-symptomatic testing supported by the armed forces. The first of three additional testing centres in Medway is being opened in Chattenden tomorrow. All very scary, and looking unlikely that there will be much of a reprieve before Christmas.