Laurence Andrews

Something a little bit different today, thought I’d give a Riesling a try. Not really a fan of white, but that I do like tends to be very dry. This is quite nice, first German wine I’ve had reminds be of the Apfelwein I had in Frankfurt many years back. 🇩🇪🍏🍷

Today has been a nice relaxing day. We confirmed yesterday that we are COVID-free, which is good. As a bit of a treat I popped down to Iron Pier and picked up some fresh beer (which was amazing).

This morning we woke up early and went to Hempstead Valley to pick up some wrapping paper, coffee and a few veggies for some soup. Managed to get that all sorted quickly, before it got busy.

Oh and I know this is incredibly boring but we got a new garlic 🧄 press too (this one) which is amazing. Super easy to clean and you don’t even need to peel the garlic! The amount of time back in my life!!

After we got back made some soup ready for next week, watched the Medway Yacht Club AGM and sorted out the lawn. Exciting ‘blue’ jobs! We then wandered up to The Kings Arms and got another beer refill, first time we’d been up there in many many months. Victoria bagged herself a bottle of Dockyard gin too. 🍸

Now, watching the Sakhir qualifying with George Russel in Lewis' car for the first time. He’s currently smashing it! Good for him. Can’t wait to watch the race tomorrow.