Laurence Andrews

The Beginning of The End? In the first piece of good news for a while, yesterday the first person in the UK (well, first person in a western nation) received a vaccination for COVID-19. Jabbing a pensioner is no doubt a remarkable piece of progress but there is a long way to go before things are back to normal. But, a step forward is a step forward! For the record, I absolutely would have the vaccine - I trust science.

Here at home, Medway is still very much in a bad way although it has now been overtaken by Port Talbot as having the highest case rate. We’ve seen the army turn up and commence mass-testing of those without symptoms here in the towns, although the council is being selective in who is permitted for a test. Most recently, Rochester Cathedral has been setup as a testing centre. Victoria and I have not been invited and it’s being made quite clear that no invite = no test. We would both rather like to go and have one done to put our minds at ease a bit.

On the topic of getting back to normal, the Government are still trying to wrestle a deal with the EU before the end of the transition period on January 1st. Boris was in Brussels last night arguing over fish and it’s clear things didn’t exactly go well. Still a little shell-shocked that we’re in this position with Brexit - can we go back to how things were now please?

Oh and Elon Musk is still building a rocket in which to travel to Mars.