Laurence Andrews

So I ordered the rower 🤩 Banking on this whole COVID/Brexit shit-show carrying on well into the new year. Even if it doesn’t I can exercise at home without spending time driving to the gym and will have no excuse about finding time in the morning before commuting (if that ever becomes a thing again).

I signed up for Concept 2’s waiting list earlier in August and got my order link in October. I told myself back in August that if I kept up a routine at the gym I’d consider ordering one. Well, as we know the gyms closed and when they re-opened it didn’t exactly feel safe to go back and they are now closed again. So I have struggled a little with the routine.

Luckily the order link they sent me in October was still valid. Their site said that the next dispatch date was the 14th January and that it should arrive a week after order. So all said and done, should be here in a months’ time. After ordering Concept 2 emailed and said that the site wasn’t showing things right and that actually they can ship one on the 4th - result! So should be here much sooner.

I went with the Concept Model D because it seems like the best platform, it was between that and the WaterRower which is essentially the same price. The Model D is the industry standard rower, it’s been around for years, it works, I’ve used it a lot at the gym and I know what I’m getting. The power setting is adjustable and it seems to have the best integration with Apple Fitness and a Heart Hate Monitor via the Concept 2 App - I’ve used this setup already and know it works reliably. I would love to have a ‘peloton’ style system, but that all seems like a bit of a gimmick.

The space issue I can deal with, it can either go in the garage or the conservatory and if absolutely necessary it could even go in the loft. There will be somewhere for it. The conservatory seems most sensible, but the sofa or the bar is going to be a casualty in order to make space.

The cost, well, it is what it is. I’m not going to try and convince myself that I’m going to save a fortune on my gym membership because It’ll take me almost 4 years to recoup the cost. But It’s certainly save time, very much looking forward to not having to spend 12/13 minutes driving to the gym, doing a 20 min row, then driving home and taking a shower. All said and done, that’s an hour and even longer when the tunnel is backed up or I can’t get on a machine at the gym. Bit annoying they don’t take Amex online, but no biggie.

Also looking forward to having a machine that isn’t super worn out. These Concept 2’s are pretty bulletproof but the foot straps tend to wear out which means stopping and adjusting. At the gym nobody upgrades the PM5 so the app can sometimes crash too. Which is very frustrating when you’re trying to keep the stats going.

Who says you need to go outside to spend money! Hope you’re all ready to get spammed with daily posts 🚣‍♂️