Laurence Andrews

🦠 It’s getting a little silly now… In reality though, this doesn’t change anything for us. We had planned to stay away for at least the next few months anyway. Guess that’s now enforced 🤷‍♂️ Medway has been in the highest tier of lockdown since lockdown #2 anyway…

We’re seeing it as an opportunity, we can stay hunkered down, cut back our costs, focus on work, diet, health, fitness and come out of this stronger. Not being able to see family is the only real negative, we’re just pretending we’re abroad!

The handling of schools in this latest situation is a massive cock-up though, asking them to plan to open from before Christmas, reinforcing that recently and then at 8pm yesterday asking them to switch to remote learning from the following morning (today) is just not good enough. Where is the planning? We’ve been doing this hokey-pokey for a year now, none of this is new. Plan for the worst, hope for the best.

Hello, lockdown 2021 edition.