Laurence Andrews

Right, so this was the procedure for getting out of Calais (long post)… #BelgianGP

First stop was French border control, where they checked and stamped our passports and we showed NHS vaccination certificates. Owen is only 1-jab, but that’s fine for France. The woman got bored of waiting for Kelly so we only showed three 😂 There was no French or Belgian PLF check. No scanning of Vaccine information, some just showed the credit-card sized paper form.

We (probably stupidly) didn’t actually do a French or Belgian PLF, but probably should have done so.

Then the UK border where it was again just a passport check (no stamp). I was put under additional scrutiny for my brand new passport (the moustache and hat probably wasn’t helping), all fine in the end.

Third stop was P&O where they required three things…. 1. a UK PLF which also requires a ‘Day 2’ test booking, 2. an entry PCR test (which we did at the track on Saturday) and 3. a ticket… The UK PLF and Day 2 test we didn’t have, so spent 40mins or so doing it before they let us through. Of course, that was more money on testing (we were just searching online 🙀) They guy in the booth was just reading the forms on our phones not actually scanning or logging the information.

Bit of a hassle, to be honest…. But after all that we got on the ferry and are now having a beer. Ferry (Pride of Kent) is very quiet, the main restaurant is closed as it was on the ferry out. I’d say less than 10/15 % of full capacity. Staff said the ferry only came back in service on Saturday.