Laurence Andrews

Sleeping quarters sorted for the Spa GP next week! Went with the OEX Bobcat I and Tarp from GoOutdoors. Paid £59 for the tent and £45 for the tarp. Really impressed so far, it’s a neat little setup, tent is tiny inside but that’s the nature of a one person tent 😂

The tarp gives a nice little sheltered space in the door area and you could quite comfortably leave the outer door open on the tent just using the inner section. Just enough space to get out of the rain and sit, even do some cooking or whatever.

Sleeping bag and mat fit nice and cosy inside the tent and there’s just about space to sit up inside which is ideal. No room at all for a bag or anything. Ordered some lights for night time to hang on the tarp which should look good.

Slept in the tent last night and everything seemed good, got a good sleep and actually enjoyed hearing the outside world from the back garden! Might start camping out more often!